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iCgM is govern by a simple notion of putting people first, not the other way around. This simple gesture of professional courtesy has allowed us to find success in all aspect of our business model. Our business strategy is simple, and is governed by the 3 P’s. People, Process, Product. We believe that taking care of the basics will lead us to what all business wants, and that’s to be profitable. These simple values of putting people first because they matter, having a strategic process that can be replicated to streamline efficiency, and striving to find the most innovative ways to produce product is what we call a winning formula. iCgM not only focus on those basics, but strive to lead by being the example with our approach to foster professional dialogue during the process of production. We believe information sharing and transparency is a core value that is also a part of the 3 P’s which leads to integral accountability from our clients. We see ourselves as the industry future, our purpose is to serve and deliver the best and most budget conscious projects all while doing it right the first time. As we continue to grow our reputation built from our core value will be what will keep us standing. Innovation is, workmanship.


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