Our passion for construction and history


While iCgM has a relatively short history in the industry as a business entity, it is our technical managerial ability and team that has brought us where we are today. Our history started like any other company, a simple dream of wanting to build something out of nothing. Founded with the very purpose of simply wanting to leave a mark on the world. The inception of Innovative Construction General Management was created after many years of studying the construction industry. The company founder understood like the car industry and its sales reps, that there was a reputation of not taking care of client. This where we saw an opportunity, because this was something that needed to addressed. Our history stems from new home construction, to a storm shelter company, to custom storage building and now a construction management company. iCgM knows there is still room for improvement within our industry. Our passion for our community, people, and creating continues to leave an impact. We know the construction industry is rugged, but its companies like iCgM and its team that will lead this industry into the future with the fundamental guiding principles of putting people first, striving to innovatively grow beyond the current state.


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