Constructing Your Vision Into Reality
FedEx Ground

Water Damage Restoration

FedEx is a staple for its dependability and promptness. FedEx’s premium, expedited shipping services have expanded to almost every state in the United States. FedEx’s services are used by millions of people every day, and the company’s rapid expansion means that its management and maintenance teams must keep up with a growing list of responsibilities. This is why FedEx turned to the ICGM group for help with building renovations, preconstruction, and construction management.

Preconstruction & Construction Management Plan: As FedEx trusted us with both the pre-construction and the construction management, the ICGM team was entrusted with a greater amount of responsibility. There were many evaluations, meticulous planning, and precise execution essential due to the establishment’s size (about 45,000 square feet). With 7+ years of preconstruction management, the innovators carried out all the duties diligently. 

Renovation Strategy: The renovation was also included in the services. The innovators used state-of-the-art processes and tools throughout the whole process to guarantee that the finished product would reflect FedEx’s initial vision. To ensure the highest quality results, we, as your authorized renovator, double-checked all components of the project. We rebuilt the area by installing eight shipping/receiving bays in demolished loading docks, dock bumpers that blend in with the dock’s surface, and recessed hoods.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Surface Area: 45,000 Sq.ft
Year: 2022
Categories: Logistics,
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