405.883.7014 Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm
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405.883.7014 Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm
info@icgmgroup.com Drop us a line anytime!
Location Regional, TX, OK
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Subcontractors & Suppliers

Want to join a team that's people and result driven? Call to learn how you can be one of our subcontractors or a building supplier with iCgM. We work with the best and the brighter subcontractor in the industry. Our supplier offer the best quality product a cost effective price to complete our client project on budget.

Why Work With Us?

Team Work



Field Technology

Subcontractors Welcome

Subcontractor Requirement

  • Background check
  • Copy of insurance and Bond
  • Vendor Agreement signed

All individual working on a iCgM projects is obligated to comply with all Federal, State and Local safety requirements, Site Specific Safety Programs, and any Owner Safety Requirements (herein after called safety requirements). These safety requirements constitute the minimum level of performance expected from each subcontractor and their hired help or agents. In addition, subcontractors are responsible for adherence to site‐specific safety requirements defined by the project safety requirements. All subcontractors shall adhere to these requirements for the performance of their work on all iCgM projects designed to promote the project’s safe completion.

Please, send your document to info@icgmgroup.com

Supplier Requirements

Requirements & Expectation
  • Selection List
  • Supplier Agreement
  • Supplier pricing

We have several key principles

  • Shared values
    We like working with suppliers whose values and strategies correspond to our own. Suppliers who want to work closely with us and build long-term partnerships display integrity, service, and excellence.
  • Technology
    Technology is the way of the future, so we ask our suppliers to be innovators using technology and innovation to offer the best product. We enjoy working with technical leaders in their respect fields.
  • Development
    We pride ourselves on having a good environmental reputation within our community, so we expect the introduction of new products from our suppliers to be a quick, well-structured and secure process that leaves a minimum impact on the environment.
  • Efficiency
    Our mission is to provide a quality finish product in terms of all our residential and commercial construction project. So we expect our suppliers to be competitive prices and striving to continuously improve in cost structures and efficiency measures.
  • Quality
    Our finish residential and commercial construction project products are premium products of the highest quality offer the best pricing. So we expect our suppliers to offer only the highest level of materials.
Please, send your CV  info@icgmgroup.com

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