Building your ideas brick by brick

Overseeing every aspect of your plans from inception until completion

7+ Years Of Excellency

Exceeding all benchmarks and implementing your vision since 2017

Your Plan, Our Management

Exceeding all benchmarks and implementing your vision since 2017

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Innovative Construction general management

ICGM Group is a frontrunner in construction management delivering full-spectrum management services for commercial buildings, multi-family projects, and more.

  • Safe Execution

    Our innovators start by evaluating all of the aspects, both good and negative, to build a plan that meets our clients needs.

  • 7+ years Experience

    With a diverse clientele, we approach every challenge head-on and construct strategies to get things done. From start, our innovators oversee the project with a clear and unbiased prospect in order to create a plan.

  • Efficient Teamwork

    The qualified team is one of ICGM Group's greatest assets. To ensure your project receives the care, craftsmanship, and full attention to detail.

Our Services

Specialized in Tenant Uplift and Renovation. We add value by providing expertise needed to manage your project and committed to meeting your expectations.

Why Choose Us


ICGM Group team consists of great bright minds consistently working toward making your project a massive success.


ICGM Group accepts total accountability for satisfying needs by providing high-quality construction services.


ICGM Group provides services that cater to all time slots, and bring forth quick yet feasible solutions. We value your time and use it effectively.


ICGM Group has created a special schema to protect and prevent any injuries on site with proper training and management.


ICGM Group focuses on providing the sustainable construction management services for optimal results.


All services provided by ICGM Group are proven to be sustainable due to consistency, innovation and smart management tools.


Executing ideas like no other!
Explore experience with the finest in construction management. Flourish your skill by being a Sub-Contractor at ICGM Group.
Natural Materials
Construction Safety
Upgrade & Renovation
Other Materials


Our innovators are an indestructible force that binds the mission of ICGM Group  via building and managing your ideas to reality with hard work, and competency. resilient, culturally


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