Constructing Your Vision Into Reality
FIIT Studio

Revamping Facilities,  Refreshing Lifestyles   

FIIT Studio is the ideal companion for anybody seeking to reach their fitness objectives and adopt a healthy lifestyle, thanks to its knowledgeable coaches and supportive community. FIIT studios, a premier fitness partner, sought ICGM Group’s help in upgrading their 10,000 square foot facility so that they could better serve their audience.

Construction Scope: ICGM Group has allowed them to swiftly understand the requirements, provide first layouts, and offer the budget plan. The innovators gave careful consideration to every aspect of the project, from the alterations and upgrades to the gym area to the integration of the old and new building structures. The comprehensive analysis and planned approach were developed to guarantee the timely and effective completion of the project in its entirety.

Exquisite Results: The ICGM team managed the overall upgrade and modification project, utilizing their knowledge, experience, and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee the project’s timely and successful completion within financial plan and in accordance with the highest industry benchmarks. 

Location: Oklahoma City
Surface Area: 10,000 Sq.ft
Year: 2021
Categories: Fitness,
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