ICGM Philosophy

You bring the ideas, we bring the execution


Established in 2017 operating in Oklahoma and Dallas TX. ICGM Group, LLC has over 7 years experience in turn-key construction projects and Tenant Improvements. We take pride of our unique approach to the construction process and innovation we apply. From planning, design, and project management helps keep the entire construction process efficient and on track.

With a background of experience in construction where meeting financial, market, and client needs are our priority, ICGM is prepared to provide a wider perspective for achieving critical goals through the application of clear communication, creative solutions, and positive outcomes. Our team approach extends to all project stakeholders and our experienced project leaders make sure that responsibilities are clearly defined, activities are managed efficiently, and quality, safety and optimum performance is achieved.

Our Guiding Principles

Our operating principles define how we do business. They drive our thinking, actions, processes and benchmarks. They keep us focused and remind us that we are committed to progress, but not at all costs.

Unique Approach For Unique Ideas

Our approach is centered on the importance of two core values: safety and execution. The combination of these two factors makes our services competitive within the construction management sector. Our innovators, inspect every perspective of your initial ideas to present you with the best possible solutions.

Work Safety

As a seasoned construction management firm, we know how crucial it is to maintain a risk-free workplace for our employees. There are two primary components to a successful execution: the safety of the construction sites and the safety of the actual execution. At ICGM Group you don’t have to be worried about the people working on your construction site as we make sure we bind you with good workers and premium equipment. On the other side of the coin, the ICGM group guarantees that the final product will be consistent with your original vision and will last for a long time.

Premium Execution

With all the safety standards matched, all of our services provide the best output possible. With ICGM Group, you don't have to worry about the quality of your project because we connect you with teams that understand your vision and provide quality work while being within your budget.
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