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Water Damage Restoration

Petco has always been a go-to for pet parents since they have everything from puppy and kitten food to pet supplements. 

The Objectives: ICGM Group was awarded this project for water damage repair services and furthermore sought premium remodeling services to create a healthy environment for all. The approximately 13,000-square-foot building had suffered water damage and needed renovations. The innovators understood the assignment and started the basic inspection and got to work.

The Process: The process was broken into a number of smaller milestones in order to develop efficient and straightforward procedures. Here is how it was accomplished:

  1. Initial Assessment: Inspection of the damaged area was performed to establish the source and severity of the water damage.
  2. Retrieving moisture: Pumps were used to remove any remaining water to avoid possible harm and mold development. 
  3. Dry out: The damaged area must be fully cured using dehumidifiers, blowers, and other appliances to avoid future water damage and mold development.
  4. Clean Up: After the area is dried, any lingering debris or pollutants must be removed and disinfected.
  5. The Restoration: Innovators restored the damaged area to its pre-damage state and fixed any broken equipment or supplies.

The Output: In the end, ICGM innovators fixed all the leaks and stabilized the structure to stop any further water from entering. ICGM Group also did some basic structural repairs and renovations to update the office’s and restroom facilities. The output was: 

  •  Water Resistant Infrastructure
  •  Revamped Office
  •   Mold-free walls and crevasses
Location: Ardmore, OK
Surface Area: 13,000 Sq.ft
Year: 2021
Categories: Retail,
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