Constructing Your Vision Into Reality
Bed Bath & Beyond

Retail Renovation

Bed Bath & Beyond is a well known retail store in the nation. ICGM Group was hired to oversee and manage the entire 13000 square foot facility from inside out to enhance the shopping experience.  

Improved the Electric System: The first task for the innovators was to redesign and rewire the electricity grid so that it is more reliable and secure in the long run. As part of this process, we upgraded the electrical system by:

  • Repairing outdated or damaged wiring
  • Updating electrical panels
  • Adding new power outlets

Improved Temperature Control: Improvements to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the building were the next priority. This included installing new ducting and refurbishing outdated inadequate machinery. Lastly, programmable thermostats were attached for better temperature control. 

Location: Edmond, OK
Surface Area: 13,000 Sq.ft
Year: 2022
Categories: Retail,
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