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ICGM Group is notorious for offering

The most cost-effective and economically sustainable pre-construction services in the business. We appreciate the efforts required to keep a complicated building project running smoothly and provide excellent outcomes.  With the finest cognitive skill and creative mindsets, the innovators always develop in-depth management plans and strategies that are tailored to your initiatives using their superior cognitive abilities and innovative mindsets

ICGM Group offers multiple services

That cater to diverse clientele and their respective endeavors.  All of our services and packages are developed after careful consideration and examination of our clients’ needs. Our innovators carry out these plans in a series of steps that comprise:

All of these measures are taken to guarantee

That crucial aspects of the project, such as its project timeline, design documents, milestones, and finances, are established. Given its emphasis on teamwork, ICGM Group is also an excellent pick because of its dedicated safety initiatives, which aim to provide a safe setting for building sites as ICGM Group believes in flourishing as a team.

Avoid fly-by-night operations and hire the best in business

Our Pre-Construction Services Includes

Exercising the correct degree of trust in one’s team and using numerous layers of cognitive planning may make the difference between mediocrity and greatness.


ICGM Group aims to help you connect to the finest contractors in the industry who can align with your project vision and pinpoint every single detail of the project while executing it.


ICGM Group's budgeting specialist analyzes every nook and cranny of your project and delivers an exact budget schedule.


To maximize project benefits, let our creative specialists handle early design work. We handle every detail of your project


To ensure a smooth flow of work we utilize the collaborative approach that yields a specific task plan consisting of weekly and monthly genuine and attainable milestones


ICGM Group is dedicated to providing safer construction sites and has already implemented a variety of safety measures to guarantee


At ICGM Group, we consider every facet of engineering and management as we craft a management schedule based on the project that is both comprehensive and practical

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