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At ICGM Group, we maintain assets

At ICGM Group, we maintain assets. Our innovators work hard to ensure projects are completed on time and successfully by developing strategies that are both practical and efficient. Through careful planning and coordinated effort, the crews can fix the building’s framework and address any number of other maintenance issues, reviving the property’s worth in the process. Our first-rate facility maintenance services will restore any building to its former grandeur via careful planning and meticulous implementation.

Before launching any project

ICGM Group considers all relevant factors to achieve credibility via efficient cost management. We locate the optimum operating flow for your facility by categorizing, organizing, and discovering cost-effective solutions. Our innovators have perfected the art of cost report calibration and data analysis through years of practice to bring forth results that are worth your while.

Tenant maintenance methods from ICGM Group, are guaranteed to be of the highest safety standards

ICGM Group is committed to helping you succeed at every stage of your project, from assembling the most qualified team to working with you to develop secure, cost-effective strategies.

Our Facility Maintenance Cost Management

At ICGM Group we streamline your project milestones and create strategies catered to your project requirement, this way we operate your project to perfection while preserving the assets and maintaining equipment via premium production and operation plans.

Revamp your facilities with innovative tenant maintenance services

ICGM Group specializes in multiple strategies and plans to revamp your facilities and enhance the asset value overtime.​

Our innovators offer a large variety of system, solution and management plans so the client could choose what kind of service strategy they want to go for.

CMMS Integrations

ICGM Group believes in innovation and credibility which is why it offers new and innovative CMMS.  Integrating a CMMS, also known as a computerized maintenance management system, into a building is one way to automate management tasks. The customer may simply plan, control, and schedule preventative and reactive processes and maintenance via the use of a computerized maintenance management system.

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